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If you need to log into this wiki, you must use your NetID!

Important Notice - NetID Migration and Transition

Many documents found here are in the process of having the out-dated information corrected or labeled as obsolete because of the migration

Important Notes

Students, Faculty, Staff, this is your wiki!

Do other students ask you how to do the same thing over and over again?

Document it here and tell people about it!

Feel free to edit and create pages on the CSE wiki that will help other students get more out of the departmental resources.

Please report wiki abuse to!
Abuse includes profanity, intentionally misleading information, etc.

Have an idea that would make CSE resources better, faster, or easier to use? Please let me know - Brad Goodman, ITO

Recent Service Enhancements

Spring 2014 - Room 129 houses the new Peer Teacher Central!

Spring 2014  Student Directories home directory quotas were increased from 2GB to 6GB.

Spring 2013 - Room 208 houses new 3D printer for student projects.

27 August 2012 - Rooms RDMC 111J is no longer an Open Access and labs are being held there.

01 August 2012 - Rooms RDMC 111A, 111B and 111C have had their computer systems upgaded to HP 8200 Elite PCs.

25 May 2012 - Rooms HRBB 219 and RDMC 111B are the new Open Access labs. Room 111J is closed for the summer sessions.

4 November 2011 - We have added a color printer for students in the CSCE Open Access Lab, RDMC 111J. Each color page is 20 times the cost of a B&W page.

3 October 2011 - We have added more scanning capabilities for students, in addition to the HRBB scanner, Windows compatible scanners are available in the CSCE Open Access Lab, RDMC 111J.

29 September 2011 - Additional Student Printer available in Reed McDonald Building, named P111!

14 June 2010 - PaperCut has replaced Print Manger Pro for print quota tracking.  You can login with your CSE credentials to track your printer usage!

24 May 2010 - GPU Supercomputer!  8 Intel cores, 12GB RAM, 8 nVidia GPUs, 12GB Video Memory

11 May 2010 - There are brand new HP printers on all floors of HRBB and in 111J RDMC.  Students, faculty, and staff can print to these printers 24/7.  Read more here.

29 January 2010 - Students now have admin rights on virtual machines (Windows 7, OpenSolaris, and Ubuntu) in the CSE labs.

10 November 2009 - Documentation complete for hardware, software, services, servers, and everything else students and faculty have access to.

22 October 2009 -, an 8-node linux cluster, is online and ready for use.  Read the wiki page for how to use it with hspice, Matlab, and Mathematica.

23 September 2009  Students can now access CSE lab machines via remote desktop from 6PM until 6AM.   

31 August 2009  The open access lab in 111J RDMC has 45 brand new HP machines (dual core 3GHz, 4GB RAM), and 45 brand new 22" LCD displays.  Enjoy!

20 August 2009  Folder redirection for roaming profiles have been implemented for students.  This should reduce login and logout times significantly. 

9 March 2009  Students, faculty, and staff can now login to this wiki and edit/add pages!

24 February 2009 came online today.  Students, faculty, and staff should be able to login and edit/add pages within 2 weeks.

20 February 2009  All students enrolled in CPSC courses were added to the department's MSDNAA subscription.  This means you can download almost all the software Microsoft makes for FREE!

15 February 2009  You can now log into CSNET using your NetID and password.  You can also use your NetID and password to reset your CSNET password. 15 January 2009  Student home directory quotas were increased from 250MB to 2GB. </div>